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Attitudes of mobile home owners toward mobile home parks Contractor, Roda


Planning is concerned with understanding and relating to the needs of various segments of the population. Thus it is imperative that planners should comprehend the views of any group which falls within their administrative or regulatory jurisdiction. This study has undertaken to examine the attitudes of mobile home owners toward the park in which their mobile home is located. Responses to a questionnaire by 281 residents living in a total of 31 parks were used as the primary source of information. Utilizing multivariate analytical techniques, the study investigated, first, the dimensions involved in mobile home living and, second, the relationship between resident satisfaction and physical and social characteristics of the mobile home park. Physical park characteristics that were examined included: size and age of the mobile home park; services and facilities within the park; size of lots; location of the park. Social characteristics of the park included resident perception of: differences between conventional single family neighborhoods, and mobile home parks; degree of friendliness of park dwellers as compared to residents of other types of neighborhoods; constraints on social interaction outside the park because of distance from other residential neighborhoods and/or community facilities; constraints on social interaction outside the park due to negative attitudes of non-park dwellers. In addition, information concerning attitudes toward rules and regulations as well as the extent of resident interaction within the park was sought out. A number of conclusions emerged from the study which are considered to be useful to planners in making future decisions concerning mobile home parks. These conclusions indicated: the minimum size for development of a satisfactory park; those park features that account significantly for resident satisfaction; the role of the municipality in the development of mobile home parks; the appropriate location for mobile home parks. Finally, a number of questions were raised that were considered to require further research.

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