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Relationship between leisure activities and satisfaction with a rural fringe location Pounder, Kathryn Elizabeth


The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between residents' leisure activities and their physical environment as an aid to understanding their satisfaction with that environment. This is done with specific reference to Maple Ridge, a fringe area of Vancouver. Three major questions are considered. How do the characteristics of the residents affect the frequency of their participation in various leisure, activities? To what extent does the environment constrain or facilitate activities which the residents have an interest in pursuing? And, to what extent does participation in activities which are facilitated or constrained by the environment influence residents1 satisfaction with that environment? Ten hypotheses and two assumptions were formulated to examine the relationships suggested by these questions. The study data consists of 152 responses to a mailed questionnaire which was distributed to a random sample of the residents of Maple Ridge. Univariate techniques for comparing percentage differences, means and correlations, and the multivariate techniques of factor analysis, Hotelling's T² statistic and discriminant analysis are used to test the hypotheses. It is shown that the residents who were most interested and participated most frequently in rural related activities preferred a more rural environment; whereas, there is some indication that those who participated less frequently in such activities preferred a more urban environment. For planners, the results of this study imply that it is valid to examine residential location on the basis of the residents' leisure activities and that the fringe should be recognized as an area offering unique residential opportunities within the metropolitan area.

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