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Elephant Long, Jeremy Patrick


Elephant, a collection of material produced during the past two years, attempts to create an environment within which the personna of the writer may exist without benefit of a corporeal reality. It becomes an environment of memory. By definition, the genres of drama and poetry must be presented to an audience if they are to succeed in their avowed purpose of communication between creator and audience. It is only the medium of presentation which distinguishes [sic] between the two genres. The drama is presented in the "live" medium of the stage, whereas poetry is presented by the "dead" or inanimate Gutenberg technology. In this particular instance, both genres are presented within the same medium, the thesis. They are therefore similar componants [sic] of a unique environment. The evironment [sic] of Elephant, can only be that of memory, as it was written in the past from material rooted in memory, the memory of the personna and the collective memory of the environment in which he exists. It is not "now", it is "then".

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