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Moss flora of Taiwan (exclusive of Pleurocarpi) Chuang, Ching-Chang


A floristic study is presented of the moss flora of Taiwan; such taxonomic research is the foundation for botanical science. The knowledge of the bryophytes of Taiwan has represented a serious gap in the knowledge of eastern Asia. In the present treatment are included 276 species including varieties and subspecies belonging to eighty-nine genera and twenty-three families. The included mosses belong to the subclasses Sphagnidae, Andreaeidae, Tetraphidae, Polytrichidae, Buxbaumiidae and the majority of the acrocarpous Bryidae. The pleurocarpous Bryidae have been excluded. Extensive field work throughout the island of Formosa was made during the two summers of 1967 and 1968. Approximately 5,000 specimens were collected and studied. All species considered in this flora that were derived from records from the literature have been checked and reviewed. Type specimens and voucher specimens from the various herbaria plus my own extensive collections have been carefully examined microscopically both morphologically and anatomically. During the course of this study, one new species: Andreaea hohuanensis has been discovered and described. Two new combinations: Oligotrichum suzukii and Mastopoma undulata have been made. Four genera: Wilsoniella, Epipterygium, Leptobryum and Mielichhoferia and twenty-eight species are noted as taxa new to the moss flora of Taiwan. Twenty species and four varieties plus two forms are reduced to synonymy, based on superfluous names or misidentifications. Keys are presented essentially for determination of mosses and are provided for all families in each subclass, and to the genera under each family. Keys are also given to the species and varieties in each genus. Thirty-three species and varieties have been excluded from the moss flora of Taiwan, because they represent nomina nuda, lack precise citation, or are doubtful. Detailed discussion has been made concerning each taxon where particular taxonomic problems arose. Ecological and distributional data are given for each taxon. The vegetation as well as composition of the flora have been discussed and it is concluded that the bulk of the moss flora of Taiwan considered here is derived from that of the Asian mainland.

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