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Significance of systems for the professional planner Fried, Robin Sue


The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate the significance of systems for the professional planner. It is shown that a clear, comprehensive understanding of complex systems is relevant to the planner's knowledge, attitude, and skills. The thesis commences with a presentation of the basic information regarding complex systems. With the use of examples this information is then related to the urban context. This foundation of knowledge provides a frame of reference for a systems attitude, which is discussed as a theoretical framework for the planning profession. Following this, a skill, systems simulation modelling, is described; a skill which requires a knowledge of complex systems as well as a systems attitude. Schematically representing the essence of this thesis, Figure 1 [figure omitted] contains three major ideas which are emphasized in this work. First, a consistent core of information which may function as both a basis for, and a frame of reference for, the knowledge, attitude, and skills of a planner is depicted. Next, the fact that there is an interaction between the knowledge, attitude, and skills of the individual is illustrated. Finally, the diagram portrays the thesis as a process; a process whereby all aspects are interconnected.

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