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Automaton and competence aspects of Piagetian logical concepts Toussaint, Nelly Adelina


Simultaneous measures were obtained of (a) the Ss ' level of attainment on automaton variables (foresight and hindsight abilities and size of computing space) theoretically presumed to be necessary to the attainment of logical structures, and (b) the Ss' level of attainment in logical tasks belonging to the same conceptual family (multiplication of classes, multiplication of relations, seriation, and transitivity). Children from Grade 1 and 2 served as Ss. The task demands of the different logical tasks were equated in terms of the competence as well as automaton demands. Considerations about the distinction between operative and figurative aspects of intelligence were incorporated into the testing methods. The results indicated there was a strong relationship between the Ss’ performances across all the tasks. The overall findings support Piaget's theoretical conceptions about the relationships of the variables tested. Some of the theoretical and empirical implications of these findings are discussed.

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