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Voluntary associations in a Philippine municipality : Kabacan Diaz, Manuel Pascual


The aim of this thesis is to describe, in a preliminary way, the nature of voluntary associations in a peasant community in the Philippines, Kabacan. This objective is discussed in the introductory chapter which also presents a general background on the Philippines. Chapter II discusses some aspects of the fieldwork, the problems the researcher faced in conducting research in his own culture, and a general description of the methodological procedures employed. Chapter III presents a description of the community studied, its recent history, growth, and development and some features of the social and economic life of the population. Chapter IV discusses and analyzes some aspects of the culture and social organization. This analysis is necessary as it sheds light on a broader understanding of the form and character that voluntary associations take and the functions they perform in the community. Chapter V is concerned with an analysis and description of the voluntary associations in the community studied. The analysis here is focused on providing answers to the following questions: Why do people join voluntary associations? What relationships maintain voluntary associations and what undermine them? What types of associations are found in the community? Chapter VI, finally, discusses the functions that voluntary associations serve in a peasant community like Kabacan. This analysis is based on the findings reported and described in Chapter V.

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