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Public art in Vancouver Munroe, Doris Creighton


This survey of public art in Vancouver is presented in the form of a catalogue. My aim is to list the works of art of a permanent nature which are accessible to the general public within the city limits of Vancouver, the campus of the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver International Airport. It covers sculpture in parks, in playgrounds and on city streets, as well as works of art integrated with architecture. It does not include church art, Indian art, works in apartment houses, shopping malls, cocktail lounges and restaurants (with three exceptions). The information included on each item is, as near as possible, the date, the item, the location, the artist, the medium, the size, and any other pertinent facts. The information has been acquired by questionnaires sent to the artists concerned, and in some cases, to the architects, patrons or clients, to representatives of governments and others. Colour slides of almost all works listed are included. An accompanying essay deals in a brief fashion with the problems confronted by the artist, the architect and the patron in these joint endeavours. The cultural organizations which have supported and have helped to increase the quantity and quality of public art are reviewed. The policies of the government at federal, provincial and civic levels which deal with integrating art with architecture are noted. The stylistic trends of the works which cover a span of sixty-seven years are discussed. Finally, certain conclusions with regard to the dearth of public art are drawn.

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