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Urban characteristics as the determinants of air passenger generation Ghosh, Ranen Kumar


Both the process of designing better plans and the process of evaluating plans depend heavily on a detailed understanding of the interrelationships among urban activities. This thesis explores the relationship between some of the characteristics of urban areas and their air passenger generation. The research methodology consists of a review of the literature on air passenger generation. Secondly, data from thirty-nine Canadian cities are used for empirical analysis. Factor analysis, grouping analysis and multiple regression techniques are employed. The results explain that, in general, the factor of urbanization plays an important role in determining air passenger generation from urban areas. Also, for some cities, the trade and service functions discourage air passenger generation to some extent. Moreover, this study suggests that available techniques of analysis can be used successfully, to improve upon those which are commonly used in developing predictive equations for air passenger generation. It is evident from the models developed in this study that, for a group of cities, the more they are similar in their characteristics, the better is the predictive equation. Finally, the implications and limitations of this study have been discussed along with the suggestions for further research.

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