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Fine structural changes of Tribonema minus Hazen during desiccation Nakahara, Emmy


Pine structural changes in vegetative cells of Tribonema minus during air-drying were examined. The nucleus became contracted into a dense sphere and chromatin condensation occurred. There was reduction in width of the cell wall, perinuclear and perichondrial spaces. Increased width and staining of the plasma membrane and inner mitochondrial membrane was observed. Concomitantly, increased homogeneity of the mitochondrial and chloroplast matrices occurred. Mitochondrial and chloroplast genophores became indistinguishable from their matrix. Increased water loss was characterized by the fusion of the three-thylakoid bands within the chloroplasts. Lipid was synthesized in the chloroplast and transported through the chloroplast endoplasmic reticulum to accumulating areas continuous with it. The product appeared to be the means by which the cell stored water and metabolites during desiccation.

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