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Effect of heat treatment on some nutrient characteristics of rapeseed meal Sadiq, Mohammad


The effect of heat treatment on the protein quality and the metabolizable energy value of rapeseed meal was investigated. Different rapeseed meal samples were autoclaved at 121° c for different times. a significant reduction (p < 0.05) in the in vitro protein digestibility resulted from the autoclaving treatment. Further reduction in protein digestibility occurred when samples were autoclaved with glucose. Poor growth and feed efficiency in the chicks were observed due to feeding of autoclaved rapeseed meal ration. Lysine supplementation of autoclaved and unautoclaved rapeseed meal improved growth and feed efficiency. Maximum growth on the control ration was obtained with 0.16% lysine supplementation whereas 0.24% maximized the growth of chicks on autoclaved rapeseed meal. No significant effect was observed on liver weight expressed as percentage of body weight, however, pancreas weight was significantly greater (p < 0.05) in birds receiving autoclaved rapeseed meal than the controls. There was no significant difference in metabolizable energy value of autoclaved and unautoclaved rapeseed meals.

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