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Studies in the genus saxifraga in the Pacific Northwest : Part I: taxonomy of saxifraga occidentalis and S. Marshalii. Part II: notes on saxifraga occidentalis and closely related species Krause, David Larkin


PART I. Taxonomy of Saxifraga occidentalis and S. marshallii. The taxonomy of Saxifraga marshallii and S. occidentalis is reviewed. On morphological, cytological and distributional evidence, the new combination S. marshallii ssp. idahoensis is proposed for the taxon originally referred to as S. idahoensis. Keys to the taxa, synonomy, distributional records, maps, and chromosome numbers are presented. PART II. Notes on Saxifraga occidentalis and closely related species. A species key, distribution maps and some chromosome numbers are presented for Saxifraga occidentalis S. Wats., S. rhomboidea Greene, S. rufidula (Small) James Macoun, S. reflexa Hook., and the combined species S. nivalis L. - S. tenuis (Wahl.) H. Sm. It is possible to separate these five taxa utilizing certain qualitative characters. Saxifraga nivalis and S. tenuis are two closely related taxa whose relationships are unknown.

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