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The effect of various levels of roughages and various grains on the growth patterns of growing and fattening steers Gardner, Joseph William


In Study I alfalfa-bermuda grass hay or oat straw was fed with rolled barley, pelleted beet pulp, soybean oil meal and cracked wheat, in various proportions, in twenty protein-supplemented rations to immature Hereford steers. A control ration of 10% long straw, 78% rolled barley and 12% soybean oil meal was included. The best results were obtained with a roughage level of 10%. However, it was shown that it was feasible to feed roughage levels as high as 40% without detrimental effects to either average daily gain, feed efficiency, or carcass quality. In Study II various feed grains were fed in the ratio 90:10 (concentrate to roughage). The Canadian feed grains of barley and wheat were compared with corn. Various ratios of these feed grains were also compared. Excellent gains and feed efficiencies were obtained on all rations and it was shown that the cost of the grains available would be the largest factor in determining which to use.

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