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Empirical tests for the impact of trusteed pension plans in the Canadian equity market Hilton, Donald Bruce


The purpose of this study is to empirically test the hypothesis that the aggregate activity of pension funds in the Canadian equity market has created a segmentation of that market. It is possible that this aggregate activity has a measurable impact on the market price of the stocks purchased. If it can be shown that pension funds do command a relatively strong position in the market for Canadian equities then a study of this nature would be justified. The importance of pension funds in recent years will be discussed and any trends of significance to the development of the Canadian equity market identified. The empirical study will cover the period 1964-72 and will determine whether the concentration of pension fund investments in a small number of Canadian common stocks has in fact had a measurable impact on the market prices of these stocks. If pension fund activity was bidding up the market price of these stocks one would expect this to be indicated in a significantly different rate of return for these stocks in comparison with other non-pension stocks.

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