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Air transportation and the human environment Wellings, Rory William


The objective of this study is to investigate the existing air and noise pollution abatement legislation in Canada as it relates to the air transportation industry, and suggest methods of improving this legislation to meet the future needs and demands of the human environment. A second objective is to provide guidelines for business and government action in the future, and to acquaint the individual with some of the issues of the "environmental era of air transportation." Based on personal interview, an extensive literature search, and the application of business principles, this study addresses the technical, economic and social problems associated with the formulation and implementation of effective environmental legislation. In addition, it discusses the roles of business and government in each of these problem areas. The thesis concludes that the Canadian legal system must undergo structural change to accommodate environmental issues; a 1973 Noise Control Act should be passed; and a federally supported environmental education program should be instituted. Other conclusions include recommendations for increased research on the effects of the sonic boom and inadvertent climate modification, increased international participation in environmental affairs, and an improved market system to reflect environmental goods as scarce resources. This thesis also recommends increased government-industry cooperation in the formulation of technical and nontechnical standards and legislation, to ensure that reasonable and specific criteria are established for noise and air pollution abatement. The most important recommendation of this thesis is that a macro system approach be adopted in environmental management. This approach, which recognizes interactions and feedback in the social, economic and political environment, is vital to the future of Air Transportation and the Human Environment.

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