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Data administration and control : a framework for design Finley, Brian LeRoy


Data is an important resource of an organization and is one of the fundamental building blocks of an effective information system. The failure of top-level management to define a framework for information systems and to recognise the potential of the data resource has a serious impact on information systems costs and development. This thesis attempts to identify some of the problem areas associated with unmanaged data and proposes a framework for the design of a Data Administration and Control System (DACS). Existing data analysis techniques have been reviewed and were found to be inadequate to meet the general requirements for data definition and documentation. DACS, when implemented, will assist in the identification and definition of the data resource, how it is used and where it is stored throughout the organization. It provides a tool to monitor and control the data and to assist in the design of information systems. DACS has applicability in the growing field of computer-aided information systems analysis and design. DACS itself is an automated approach to the definition of data and its uses. Extensions to the basic design are discussed which would further contribute to the development of computer-aided design tools.

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