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Speech genre and temporal conceptual metaphor use in the discourse of speakers with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) Sun, Peter


The thesis explores how temporal spoken text and metaphors of time are used in semi-structured conversational discourse by speakers with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The focus on time, its structure (through genre) and metaphoric representation, is a potentially revealing line of research for better understanding communication difficulties as well as patterns of conceptualization in ASD. Metaphors, in general, are difficult for people with A S D (Happé, 1993, 1995). Time in this context is an interesting concept to examine as it is largely expressed using metaphor (Lakoff & Johnson, 1999). The thesis also provides an opportunity to explore how temporal metaphors, as ingrained concepts of nature, are used by individuals who traditionally struggle with figurative metaphor. Individuals with ASD use temporal metaphors and the findings here may not only serve as a contribution to our knowledge about ASD, but also to the understanding of semantics and philosophy of time.

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