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Promoting community connections redesign of Nelson Park Watson, Rosanna


Nelson Park is situated in a dense urban environment in the heart of the West End of Vancouver B.C. This neighborhood park acts as a backyard to many West End residents, a short cut for residents to cut through, and has a playground and school for young children. The park is visually permeable with multiple site lines throughout. It is at times a popular destination for a number of local users. However, these features do not deter drug users, dealers, criminals and other undesirables from regularly using the space thus making it feel unsafe and uncomfortable for legitimate users. Nelson Park has the potential to play an integral role in the formation and continuation of social groups. This graduation project redesigns Nelson Park to increase the success of this public space by reducing user conflicts and improving the sense of security and community in Nelson Park. The redesign will attempt to fulfill the parks potential as a place for all legitimate users to enjoy.

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