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Bicycle policies and programmes in Vancouver, B.C. and Seattle, Washington : a comparison Rye, Tom


This thesis compares the evolution of the policies and programmes for bicycle planning which have developed in Vancouver, B.C., and Seattle, Washington since 1970. The bicycle policies of the two City governments are reviewed, as are the outcomes of these policies in terms of programme activities. The activities of other organisations, both voluntary and governmental, are also considered in the broad review of bicycle-related activities in the two cities. The bicycle policies and programmes of both are compared to models developed from the literature. The reasons for the differing development of bicycle policies and programmes in the two cities are examined from an historical perspective. It is concluded that the development and implementation of a bicycle policy faces similar problems to that of any other policy that is at the margin of political acceptability. It is argued that bicycle policies will be implemented much more readily if there is an active well-organised cyclists' lobby; if there is a bicycle coordinator employed by the municipality; and if cyclists can link their cause to one with broader political support (in this case, open space).

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