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The evolution of a civilian power : the ESDP and the 'civilianisation' of security Aceti, Julia Rose


Departing from the 'civilian power Europe' debate, my thesis explores the development of the European Security and Defence Policy and considers the emergence of a new international identity for the European Union. Though the recent development of military capabilities seems to have ended the EU's tradition as a 'civilian power,' the ESDP actually functions as an expression of civilian power by providing the EU with an additional policy tool in its developing role as a comprehensive security actor. Though the Union has ultimately evolved beyond its civilian presence, the EU's new global role is informed by its civilian origins. First, I provide an outline of the civilian power Europe debate and consider how civilian power qualities have shaped current EU external activity. Next, I discuss the development of the ESDP and review its unique characteristics. Finally, I explore the idea of comprehensive security and highlight its impact on the burgeoning security culture of the EU. I reinforce the distinct features of the ESDP by considering a variety of EU operations in two locations: Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rather than representing a regression into power politics, the ESDP is a unique expression of military might that maintains as its ultimate goal the reduction of violent conflict worldwide.

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