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The effects of dietary molybdenum and sulfur on serum copper concentrations, growth and reproductive function in lambs Robinson, Julie A.


Feeds often contain molybdenum (Mo) and sulfur (S) in excess of recommended allowances for adequate copper (Cu) absorption by ruminant livestock. Two randomized-block experiments were conducted using lambs given a cereal-based diet (90% of dry matter (DM) intake), containing 8 mg Cu, 0.7 mg Mo and 2.1g S per kg DM, that was either unsupplemented or supplemented with ammonium molybdate or sodium sulfate alone or in combination, to determine the effects of Mo, S and Mo+S on growth, hematology, serum Cu and Mo concentrations and reproductive function. Short term intake (4 weeks) by rams, aged 18 and 20 weeks, of 26 mg Mo alone or in combination with 2g S per kg DM, had no effect on growth, hematology or the concentration of total Cu in serum (TCu). However, supplemented groups had lower (P

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