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The role of the federal state : tripartism, incomes policy in Canada, 1966-78 Russell, James Albert


This thesis is an analysis, in a Marxist perspective, of the role of the federal state in managing the crisis of capital accumulation by means of incomes policy proposals and programs and tripartite institutions in the period 1966-78. The theory constructed is based on a Marxist understanding of the role of the state vis a vis the capitalist class and the working class in the period of monopoly capitalism. Incomes policy and tripartism are seen as state programs and institutions which effect a transfer of national income from wages and salaries to profits by further integrating the working class into the capitalist economy. The problem of managing the conflicts created by the economic class struggle is discussed. Sources include government and trade union documents, labour history studies and interviews with trade unionists. Implications and problems resulting from new institutions of industrial relations are discussed for the state and for the trade union movement.

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