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The role of myth in the modern novel : an examination of Federigo Tozzi’s Il Podere Cividino, Ezio


This thesis consists of an examination of a selected number of myth views. It is suggested that myth is not the private preserve of any one academic domain, but rather belongs to all disciplines. If confusion exists over its definition it is due to 'limited views' engendered by diverse schools. It is further suggested that developed definitions hold no sway over myth's function. To demonstrate the above points, this thesis examines the novel II podere. by Federigo Tozzi, and also attempts to point out that: l) Individual growth is not haphazard but follows a mythic structure, 2) myth determines societal superstructures, and 3) mythic analysis of literature, especially the 'psychological novel', will not only add to the richness of literary understanding but also offer artistic depth. It further suggests that myth research should not be taken as finite, and proposes that literary critics closely follow cultural change and monitor new research, especially the concept of 'reality' as held by other cultures.

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