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Cytogenetic analysis of single hemopoietic colonies Dubé, Ian David


Cytogenetic analysis of fresh marrow provides an assessment primarily of the distribution of karyotypes in the most differentiated compartments of proliferating hemopoietic cells. In theory, it should be possible to obtain similar information for more primitive cell types since, under appropriate conditions in vitro, these are stimulated to form colonies of identifiable progeny. Although the importance of such an approach, particularly in studies of the hemopoietic malignancies, has been recognized for a number of years, colonies of more than 1,000 cells are rarely obtained, and severe technical problems have hampered the acquisition of reliable data. In this work, a microtechnique has been developed which enables high quality chromosomes (suitable for G- or Q-banding) to be obtained from single erythroid colonies grown from human blood or bone marrow in standard methylcellulose cultures. Thus, it is now possible to begin an analysis of chromosomal changes in the progeny of individual erythroid stem cells. This provides a new approach to the cytogenetic study of the origin and progression of the human myeloproliferative diseases.

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