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A theory of international banking expansion Cleave, James H.


The objective of the present study is to provide three sets of prescriptions to enable persons to retire well— prescriptions for the individual, the organization and the social policy makers. These prescriptions follow extensive review of the research literature in order to identify the major factors which lead to retiring well and those which result in retiring badly. A sub-theme of the review is an examination of the major stereotypes and myths concerning retirement and aging and to show that often they prevent an enlightened and constructive approach to retirement. A special note is included which concerns those most apt to retire badly. The main thrust of this study is toward the development of an optimal, comprehensive retirement preparation model of which the three prescriptions form the central part. This is a practical model, ready for implementation. Since the body of knowledge in the area is far from complete and since research reports on aging continue to be published in quantity, it would be premature to try to present an optimal model now. The model which is presented is consistent with the current body of knowledge but it is flexible enough to allow for further development and refinement as new findings are published. A number of recommendations are made for the future. These include both research needs and suggestions for broad administrative action toward the objective of enabling as many people as possible to retire well.

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