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Marginal capability lands of the Chilcotin Watt, W. J. (William J.)


Capability inventory surveys have been conducted in the province for several years. Inherent in this program is the collection of baseline data on the physical environment of the area. The capability information (CLI) is valuable for land resource planning, especially in areas where little resource development has occurred. The mechanism of collection and the utility of capability data were examined in the Chilcotin area of British Columbia in an attempt to develop a land use plan. A reconnaissance terrain survey was conducted. The survey relied heavily on air photo interpretation and used landforms as the physical base. Five terrain types, based on soil and other landscape characteristics were identified and characterized in the study area. Detailed ground information was collected from a representative site on each terrain type. The information was used to characterize the terrain type and make resource capability interpretations for agriculture, forestry, wildlife and recreation. The capability of these resource sectors were evaluated for the purpose of preparing a land use plan for the terrain types within the area. The plan identified integrated resource use as the optimal type of resource development. The study provides a guide to integrated management of the area. Resource conflicts were identified and supplemental information requirements were noted.

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