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Numerical algorithms for the solution of a single phase one-dimensional Stefan problem Milinazzo, Fausto


A one-dimensional, single phase Stefan Problem is considered. This problem is shown to have a unique solution which depends continuously on the boundary data. In addition two algorithms are formulated for its approximate numerical solution. The first algorithm (the Similarity Algorithm), which is based on Similarity, is shown to converge with order of convergence between one half and one. Moreover, numerical examples illustrating various aspects of this algorithm are presented. In particular, modifications to the algorithm which are suggested by the proof of convergence are shown to improve the numerical results significantly. Furthermore, a brief comparison is made between the algorithm and a well-known difference scheme. The second algorithm (a Collocation Scheme) results from an attempt to reduce the problem to a set of ordinary differential equations. It is observed that this set of ordinary differential equations is stiff. Moreover, numerical examples indicate that this is a high order scheme capable of achieving very accurate approximations. It is observed that the apparent stiffness of the system of ordinary differential equations renders this second algorithm relatively inefficient.

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