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A proposal for the development and operationalization of a PPBS approach to fund allocation in the social service field Patillo, Roger W


In recent years considerable interest and concern has been expressed with regard to the nature and quality of decision-making at federal, provincial and local levels in both public and private sectors. This concern, stimulated by the unintended consequences of hastily and poorly developed decisions and by the accelerating rate of social change, has prompted the allocation of substantial resources in many organizations and departments to develop more rational approaches, designs and models for decision-making. In the social welfare field at federal, provincial and local levels in both public and private sectors there is also an increasing demand for better models and approaches for decision-making, accountability and performance analysis and general administration. This thesis will suggest the development and operationalization of a Planning, Programming Budgeting System (PPBS) as a means of meeting some of the above demands and will focus upon the development of a comprehensive decision-making model which will facilitate: 1. the rational and on-going identification of community need; 2. the establishment of periodic community priorities; 3. the formulation of specific planning/budgeting objectives; 4. the allocation of resources to alternative service or program strategies to achieve defined objectives; 5. the on-going evaluation of^results for the next planning-programming-budgeting cycle. While the setting in which this thesis was developed in the United Way of Greater Vancouver, the model developed is applicable to the general

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