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Influence of infrared energy on early growth rates of poultry Ben-Abdallah, Noureddine


The radiosity method of radiant interchange analysis of enclosures was used to predict the intensity and the uniformity of thermal radiation within a controlled environment chamber. The chamber was designed for testing the effects of infrared radiation on young broilers. The walls of the chamber were assumed to be grey and separated by a radiatively non-participating medium. Also the black globe thermometer method was used to calculate the incident radiation at different locations in the chamber. Then, the results obtained by the two mentioned methods, were compared. Two separate experiments were designed for different purposes. The first experiment was to study the influence of infrared radiation on poultry. In this experiment, two levels of radiation were tested and the results were compared to those obtained by use of a conventional heat lamp brooding system. The second experiment was to compare a controlled temperature, warm air brooding system, to a conventional heat lamp brooding system. The relative effects in both sets of experiments were measured by use of the weekly growth rate index.

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