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An exploratory study of job attraction and job satisfaction Van Westerborg, Dennis


A conceptual framework of job attraction is formulated and several operational definitions of job attraction proposed. Data from a sample of professionals (113 professional engineers) are reported on the relationship of these definitions (and of corresponding job satisfaction definitions) to two measures of overall job attraction and two traditional measures of overall job satisfaction. It was found that all of the operational definitions of job attraction (and job satisfaction) do not yield empirically comparable measures of attraction (satisfaction). Several of these measures, two of which were discrepancy scores, correlated better with the overall rating of job attraction than did the others. A convergent and discriminant validity matrix analysis suggested that it is possible to validly measure people's attraction to various facets of their jobs. The effect of Rotter's Internal-External orientation on the relationship of job attraction formulations and overall attraction was explored. Certain formulations were found to be better predictors of overall attraction (and satisfaction) for Externals or Internals than others. Several suggestions are delineated with respect to future studies designed to further develop a theory of job attracti on.

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