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Aspects of the inorganic amorphous system of humo ferric podzols of the Lower Main Land [sic] of British Columbia. Visentin, Girolamo


A study was made to: ( i ) investigate the nature and the structural organization of the inorganic amorphous system in podzol soils of British Columbia, (ii) evaluate the relationships between this natural system and artificial amorphous iron-aluminosilicate systems. Results of this study are described in a series of three papers, each describing phases of this study. The successive selective dissolution analysis, combined with infrared spectroscopy technique proved to be suitable for qualitative as well as quantitative determination of the inorganic amorphous system of the soils studied. A structural model for artifical amorphous iron-aluminosilicate systems is discussed and although not considered to be perfect, presents a useful picture of iron-aluminosilicate structures as it offers an explanation for some of the experimental findings recorded. Strong correlations have been found through chemical and physical analyses between the amorphous inorganic system of the soils studied and artificially-prepared iron-aluminosilicate systems, and close structural organization between the two systems is inferred.

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