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Intrapopulation compatibility in Gonium pectorale Müller (Volvocales:Chlorosphyceae) McCauley, Marion Joan


Forty clones of Gonium pectorale M'uller were crossed in all combinations at 20°C, and the resultant zygotes examined to determine the degree of sexual compatibility within a single population. Clones isolated from the same site but in different years were incompatible, indicating a lack of gene flow between them. Two distinct groups were found within 31 clones isolated from a single mud sample, and all the clones in one were incompatible with all those in the other. However, members of both groups were compatible with those in a third group. The existence of at least two complementary pairs of mating types within a single G. pectorale population, sensu Stein (1958b), is considered in the context of other sexual compatibility results, and is proposed as a reason for the occasional inability to obtain opposite mating types from a mud sample from which only a few clones have been isolated.

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