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Japanese joint ventures in British Columbia Duval, Jean-Marc


Joint ventures as a form of overseas direct investment are more and more a current topic of discussion. Arguments for and against this form of investment vary from one extreme to the other: some people think that multinational corporations should not operate in foreign countries without local participation, while others state that these companies should be free to conduct their operations as necessary. Even though I favor one position, this research did not analyse Japanese joint ventures in British Columbia from such points of view. An account of the study and the format of the study appears in Chapter 1. The method used to carry out this research was to examine data collected in interviews with executives of twenty one joint ventures in British Columbia. None of the work would have been possible without the cooperation of these executives who gave of their time and who were ready to disclose confidential information, in return for which, the anonymity of their firms was guaranteed. Thanks are due to Virginia and Ronald Monk, my editors, who spent many hours improving my English. I am particularly indebted to Dr. J.W.C. Tomlinson, who read and criticized the first draft of this dissertation. Without his encourage merits and criticisms, this study would have been more difficult and certainly less complete.

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