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Carbon 12C(alpha, alpha) 12C*[i.e. Carbon 12 (alpha alpha prime) carbon 12] and 10B([alpha]d)12C* reactions to the T=0 12.71 mev and T=1 15.11 mev states in 12C Spuller, Joseph


The yields of the reactions 12C(α, α ')12C* to the T=0 state at 12.71 MeV (Jπ=1+ ) and the T=l state at 15.11 MeV (Jπ=1+ ) were measured by detecting the decay of these levels to the ground state by gamma emmission. A 90° (lab) yield curve from threshold to Eα= 27.0 MeV was obtained for each reaction. Both states have to be populated via an unnatural parity process and in addition the population of the 15.11 MeV level is isospin forbidden. Nevertheless, excitation of both levels is unambiguously detected. Although the ratio of the yields has a considerable energy dependence ( 1%

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