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Cone-dwelling fleshy basidiomycetes from British Columbia Redhead, Scott Alan


Cone-dwelling agarics from British Columbia were surveyed. Strobilurus lignitilis, S. occidentalis and S. trullisatus comb. nov. are redescribed. Differentiation of these species is based mainly on pleurocystidial characteristics which are illustrated. Strobilurus lignitilis is reported on Douglas Fir and pine cones for the first time. Its range is extended to British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and Idaho. The range of S. occidentalis is extended south from Alaska to southwest British Columbia. Strobilurus trullisatus is reported on pine cones as well as Douglas Fir cones. Its range has been extended to British Columbia California and Idaho. All three species are described from cultures. Strobilurus trullisatus produces fertile basidiocarps in culture. A key to the described species of Strobilurus is given. Baeospora myosura is reported from British Columbia, Alaska and Idaho on Engelmann and Sitka Spruce cones. Conidia are formed by clampless hyphae in cultures of B. myosura. The following basidiomycetes have been found on cones in British Columbia: Auriscalpium vulgare on pine and Douglas Fir cones, Mycena epipterygia on Mountain Hemlock cones, M. sanguinolenta oil Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock cones, Mycena sp. on Sitka Spruce cones, Ramaria pinicola on Douglas Fir cones, and Xeromphalina cauticinalis on Western White Pine cones.

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