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A comparative study, using the light and electron microscope of tissue allograft rejection in W mutant mice and their non-mutant littermates Collen, Pat


The populations of cells which infiltrate tissue allografts in W mutant mice and their non-mutant littermates were investigated using the light and electron microscopes. Initially, thyroid allografts were attempted but this tissue proved unsatisfactory for comparative studies and skin was used instead. The cells infiltrating the skin grafts were isolated enzymatically and characterized using the light microscope. In addition, cells in epon sections of skin grafts were identified using the electron miscroscope. The frequency of the various cell types isolated from grafts in mutant mice differed significantly from that of cells isolated from grafts in non-mutant mice. The electron microscope studies indicated that the cell types infiltrating skin allografts are the same in both mutant and non-mutant hosts.

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