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The marriage of form and function in contemporary kitchen gardens Murray, Katie A.


Food production and the betterment of the urban landscape find a common form within the contemporary kitchen garden. This project focuses on integrating kitchen gardens into the East Fraserlands residential development in southeast Vancouver. A range of intentions drive the design. These include: enhancing the overall health of the community, demonstrating the aesthetic qualities of vegetables, herbs, fruits and the maintenance facilities that are necessary for these gardens; bringing the process of eating and cooking closer to the productive garden; and, increasing the sense of civic spirit through community involvement in the processes of growing and harvesting food in the city. East Fraserlands is located on the northern shoreline of the Fraser River in southern Vancouver. Historically, the site was an agricultural area until the early 1900s when it was converted into a logging operation. While currently zoned industrial, the City of Vancouver plans to redevelop the site to house 10,000 people in a range of housing types. This design implementation focuses on reorganizing the open space configuration of East Fraserlands for improved agricultural, as well as community use. For simple classification, a range of kitchen garden typologies or "types" were defined in various locations throughout the community. These garden typologies were grouped into several categories: interstitial/adjacencies, public open spaces, semi public spaces and private spaces. For the purposes of this project, three typologies were designed in detail: The cafe garden, street and community allotment garden. Design interventions focus on the individual / functions and location of these spaces and the interaction between them.

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