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Experimental study of boiling heat transfer during water jet impingement on a hot steel plate Hauksson, Ágúst Torfi


The growth in demand for high-quality metallic alloys has placed greater emphasis on the predictability of cooling methods used in manufacturing processes. In particular, the production of tailored steel properties through controlled cooling on the runout table. This study focuses on some fundamental issues that influence heat transfer on a steel mill runout table. The purpose of the study is to develop an efficient experimental method and gather data at conditions as close as possible to industrial conditions. Surface and internal temperatures are measured during transient cooling of a flat, upward facing fixed steel surface cooled by a highly subcooled single circular free surface jet of water. A numerical model is used to calculate the surface heat flux using the measured temperatures. Local boiling and cooling curves are presented at stagnation and several streamwise distances from the stagnation point. The effect of water flow rate and subcooling on the overall heat transfer with special emphasis on critical heat flux is discussed. Progression of the re-wetting front is studied as well as the instantly cooled zone around stagnation.

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