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An interactive multi-criteria decision modeling tool using the Analytic Hierarchy Process methodology Lee, John B.


This thesis presents an interactive software tool for applying multi-criteria decision making using qualitative criteria. The tool provides an easy to use implementation of the model based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). This process allows decision-makers to set priorities and make choices based on their value judgments, objectives, knowledge and experience in a way that is consistent with their intuitive thought process. The software tool is designed to be simple, interactive and user-friendly so as to minimize any apprehension or resistance to its use. It enables a balanced, comprehensive, consistent and sustainable approach to the appraisal of policy and program proposals. Following a discussion of the AHP methodology, we illustrate the application of the tool. Three illustrative applications were developed to demonstrate how the tool could be used to model diverse real world decision-making situations: 1) Comparing communities on the basis of their contribution to human well-being; 2) Choosing between alternative programs for a charitable organization and 3) Choosing between sustainable development options.

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