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Integration and informal settlement upgrading : the Ashwayat of Cairo, Egypt Sedky, Noha E.


In developing countries, informal settlements play an integral part in each of the physical, economic, and institutional layers of the city. Using the case of Cairo, this study discusses how one policy approach has attempted to address this extended phenomenon. The policy of integrating the informal city into the modern structures of the formal state and related institutions has gained much interest by development practitioners and state authorities alike. To assess the validity of this approach, this paper examines three interventions that attempt to enhance the linkages between the formal and informal city. In evaluating the upgrading projects, the following issues are considered: Have these upgrading interventions been able to adequately determine and address the needs of the residents? What was the level of user involvement in project implementation and design? Did they build upon and work with existing local institutions? Most importantly, have these initiatives been able to develop dynamic approaches to informal settlement development and change?

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