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Chu tesh ha timiux "he worked hard on the land" : the story of Joeyaska Joe, Mary Jane


This paper provides a history of my great grandfather, Joeyaska; who he was, where he came from, and how he came to acquire 320 acres of land in 1878 near Merritt, in the interior of British Columbia. Joeyaska was considered a Stuwix. From all that is known, Joeyaska was a Stuwix from the Athapaskan group. Joeyaska a warrior, a survivor, a horseman, a family man and protector of his rights passed on to his children and grandchildren his land. Who are the descendants of Joeyaska and what are we doing today in the threat of encroachment by the chief and council of the Lower Nicola Band. How are we defending and carrying on traditional land rights and practises. This paper is a compilation of oral tradition and documented history on Joeyaska, our great grandfather.

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