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The effects of gender and ethnicity upon locus of control of gifted Grade 8 students Killick, Lawrence Alan


Little research has addressed the relationship between gender, etiiriicity, and locus of control (LOC) among gifted adolescents. This study examined a group of 67 gifted Grade 8 students, 41 Asian- Canadian and 26 Caucasian, who received the Intellectual Achievement Responsibility Questionnaire (IAR). A two-factor A1ANOVA, with gender and ethnic background as independent factors, was used to examine the relationship between positive (7+) and negative (7-) internal locus of control and gender and ethnicity. The results showed a significant (p < .01) gender x ethnicity interaction; Caucasian females are more internal in LOC orientation than Caucasian males, whereas among students of Asian descent, males are more internal than are females. Follow-up ANOVAs indicated that these differences are accounted for primarily by the 7+ variable. A significant (p < .05) tendency was also noted for Caucasian students to score higher oh 7+ and lower on 7- variables than Asian-descended students.

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