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The use of heritage conservation tools in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia Savoie, Timothy Leonard


The Lower Mainland of British Columbia is growing rapidly resulting in a dramatic alteration of the landscape. Associated with this growth is the loss of community heritage structures and properties. This destruction is occurring at a rapid rate even though conservation mechanisms, tools and strategies exist. This thesis examines the practice of heritage conservation and identifies the heritage conservation tools that are presently being utilized by a number of selected Lower Mainland municipalities. It then outlines the necessary conditions that a community must possess for existing conservation tools to be effective. A literature review of existing heritage conservation statutes was conducted to identify the statutory tools available for conservation purposes. The primary method of investigation involved interviewing 13 prominent heritage professionals from the Provincial Government, selected Municipal Governments, and the private planning sector. The survey allowed the author to generate a ‘tools chest’ of mechanisms available for conservation purposes. In total 23 conservation tools were identified from both the literature review and survey. Research indicated that the perceived responsibility for heritage conservation in British Columbia rested with local governments. To date these governments have had limited success in ensuring long term management and protection of heritage properties within their jurisdictions. Conservation tools presently being applied to manage these community resources are limited in scope and applicable only under specific ownership conditions. In general, local governments are under utilizing the conservation tools available to them. Reasons for this may include the lack of political and public support, in addition to, monetary and time restraints directed for this purpose. This study concludes with recommendations for local governments and the planning profession regarding the direction which these groups should embark on with future conservation activities.

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