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Information systems planning in a charitable organization Ferguson, Steven Brent


The thrust of this thesis is a practical one, namely, how to do information systems planning in a small charitable organization. There are two relevant bodies of literature to be considered. The first is the Strategic Information Systems Planning (SISP) literature. The traditional methodologies recommended in this literature tend to be driven by business objectives moving from the identification of information requirements to the selection of supporting information technology (IT). The second body of literature, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), is growing rapidly, at least in part because it seeks to counter the criticism that the application of IT in organizations has in the past failed to deliver productivity gains. The BPR approach views IT as enabling the removal of constraints that are the result of out-dated organizational processes. Upon reviewing the SISP and BPR literature, it became apparent that both lacked the necessary operational specifics for straight forward application in the setting being studied. In particular, it was not clear how to integrate the process focused BPR and the more functional SISP methodologies, or how either could be applied in a charitable organization. The contributions to be made by this thesis include a description of an IS planning project done with the B.C. and Yukon Division of the Canadian Cancer Society, and a discussion of a proposed integrated approach called Organizational Information Systems Planning (OISP).

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