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Social and musical structure of the klapa singing style, Dalmatia and Vancouver Caleta, Josko


This study examines both the social and musical characteristics of klapa singing. Comparative analysis of the klapa in Dalmatia, its place of origin, and the klapa in Vancouver is the focus. The field work for this project took place on two occasions: during the regular practices of klapa "Zvonimir", and in a series of individual interviews. The interviews were with the oldest member and one of the organisers of the klapa "Zvonimir", Jozo Cvitanovic. A traditional folk klapa was, and to an extent still is, an informal group of friends, usually brought together by similar interests, age group or occupations. Festival klapa, on the other hand, is a formally organized group with regular rehearsals and performances, whose members, as a rule, are people of various occupations and diverse musical tastes. Socially and musically, klapa singing has always been progressive for its time, which is surely the reason why this folk tradition has remained successful for such a long period.

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