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Recital of compositions Morlock, Jocelyn


The thesis is a concert of six musical compositions presented in the recital hall of the UBC School of Music on April 28, 1996. FANFARE FOR THE WINTER SOLSTICE This is a short (2-3 minute) fanfare for six trumpets. The entire piece is based on the opening four-note figure, and is quite contrapuntal and antiphonal in nature. Harmonically, it is the most tonal and consonant piece on the recital. VOLANTIS, THE FLYING FISH! This twelve-minute quintet explores the range of rhythmic and harmonic simplicity and complexity that can be found within the same piece. LIMBO The four movements of this piece for clarinet and piano are closely related in terms of harmony, but contain quite diverse rhythmic motives. The piano and clarinet lines are imitative of one another, especially in the first three movements. RATATOUILLE The name of this short electroacoustic piece comes from the pervasive use of vegetable names for sound material. darkness of prairie sky This six-minute piece for solo bassoon is, like the Fanfare, quite tonal and consonant. It exploits the entire range of the bassoon and shows off the technique of the player. THREE SONGS ON POEMS BY OCTAVIO PAZ These songs for high voice, oboe, and percussion combine traditional notation techniques with proportional notation. The goal of this is to create a somewhat improvisatory sound without undue confusion for the performers.

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