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A study of alternative policies to reduce traffic congestion in Seoul Park, Jong Hum


Like most big cities in the world, traffic congestion is one of the most serious urban problems in Seoul. The magnitude of congestion costs in Seoul is much greater than most people realize; they are estimated to be more than twenty-eight billio n won (U.S.$ 35 million) per day. Therefore, in this thesis, a number of transportation demand management (TDM) measures are reviewed and assessed. Broadly, two categories of TDM measures are considered: "Carrot" TDM measures and "Stick" TDM measures. "Carrot" TDM measures include preferential treatment of high occupancy vehicles (HOVs), improvement of transit systems, introduction of para-transit, encouragement of ridesharing, and variable work hours. "Stick" TDM measures include parking supply controls, traffic zone systems, odd and even days rule, road use permit systems, taxation of cars, fuel taxes, parking charges, and charging for road usage. The performance of each measure is assessed against a set of criteria: efficiency, equity, feasibility, environmental effect and flexibility. As a result of the assessment, a list of policy alternatives for Seoul is proposed: preferential treatment for HOVs, fuel tax increases, improvement of transit system, and charging for road usage as major policy alternatives, and introduction of para-transit, parking charges, and control of parking supply as supplementary policy alternatives.

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