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Key M.I.S. issues for management : an Eastern European perspective Kiudorf, Enn


Considerable research has been done to identify issues of importance to MIS managers in North America and other Western countries. However, little is known about the priorities of Eastern European managers with respect to the application of information technologies (IT). IT will play an increasingly important role in Eastern Europe as organizations adapt to Western business practices. An understanding of managerial concerns is therefore useful for individuals and organizations with an interest in the economic transition and restructuring process of the region. This research aims to establish an understanding of MIS issues in an Eastern European organizational environment, and how these compare to the West. The study focuses on Estonia, which is judged to be an appropriately representative site for the research. A three round Delphi methodology was used to elicit the issues of importance from Estonian MIS managers and the research findings suggest a significantly distinct set of priorities. The managerial issues that have dominated the North American IS scene are of comparatively little importance; instead, the top issues for Eastern European managers are primarily technological concerns.

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