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Improved delivery of Porphyrin derivatives to identified targets Jiang, Frank Ningjun


The thesis is in three parts. Initially, work centred on the development of conjugation technology for covalently binding the photosensitizer (PS) benzoporphyrin derivative monoacid ring A (BPD) to monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) using a water soluble carrier molecule, modified poiyvinyi alcohol (M-PVA). This conjugation procedure has been shown to be reliable and reproducible and result in negligible loss of biological activity of both MoAb and PS. The second part of the thesis was focused on determining the specificity and selectivity of the MoAb-PS conjugate in an In vitro system. The 5E8 MoAb, specific for human squamous cell lung cancer (A549), was used in this study. Extensive studies in which the 5E8-M-PVA-BPD conjugate was tested and compared with an irrelevant control conjugate - T48-M-PVA-BPD under a variety of experimental conditions established that the 5E8 conjugate had specificity in terms of binding to A549 cells, and had significantly (p

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