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Teachers’ concerns regarding the implementation of child abuse prevention education Baron, Lorraine M.


This research examines teachers' concerns regarding child abuse prevention education and staff training for child abuse prevention. The purpose of gathering the concerns of teachers is to provide the possibility for staff developers and trainers to structure future in-service training programs for child sexual abuse prevention around teachers' concerns. A two part questionnaire was administered to 151 Kindergarten to grade seven teachers from an urban school district during the afternoon of their second day of a two-day comprehensive in-service session on child sexual abuse prevention. The teachers were asked first to list, unprompted, at least four questions or concerns which they had regarding teaching child abuse prevention. They were then asked to answer a small number of affective scale items pertaining to predicted teacher concerns about child abuse prevention education. One hundred and twenty-five (125) teachers responded to the questionnaire, a response rate of 82.8%. The study found that teachers concerns about child abuse prevention education could be classified into five categories: (1) concerns about their qualifications and comfort-levels, (2)concerns about effects on students, (3) concerns about adequacy of resources and support for victims and their families, and for teachers, (4) concerns about disclosures and reporting, and (5)concerns about parents. Recommendations are made to design in-service programs around teachers' concerns and to allow teachers time to talk together during in-service so that they may come to a shared understanding of the program to be implemented.

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